How to Add Music to Kodi

How to Add Music to Kodi? – No VPN Required!

How to add music to Kodi is a common question among users of this media player. Music files are stored in the /music folder in the /storage folders of your computer. You can easily access these files from the terminal or by typing the command followed by a slash sign like “cd..” In your browser’s address bar. It would be wise, though, to have a guide that would show you the different ways to add and organize your music library in this media player.


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There are some steps involved in adding music to your Kodi media player. The process is actually quite simple. You need to connect your laptop or PC to the internet. Then download the latest release of the media player or any other music player for that matter from a trusted website.

The next step in how to add music to Kodi is to install the music add-on software. Visit the website of the distribution service of your choice and install the add-on software. It is available for free in most cases.

Next, open up your add-on software menu. Click on the option called Add-Ons. Here, you will see a list of all the add-ons that you currently have installed. If you haven’t installed any add-ons yet, then this should be the time that you do that.

The add-on manager will guide you through the process. The add-on manager can be installed by clicking the add-on manager tab in the add-on installation wizard. Then, go to the add-on library and select Add-Ons. There, you will see a list of all the add-ons that you have installed. One by one, click on the movie or video that you want to add. When the add-on manager prompts you to add the file, choose the folder where it is available.

Once you have added the file, you can either use the text or image file that you have uploaded as the source of the new add-on. In either case, your add-on will be visible as soon as you save it. The source folder for the files will be added as the new add-on repository in the Add-Ons application. The new folder will be synchronized with the Add-Ons repository.

How to Add Music to Kodi has never been this easy! And this is just the beginning. You can do this for any kind of movie or video that you want to add to your home media device. This includes your PVR, TiVo, XBMC, USB drive and even your iPhone and iPad. You can take complete creative control of what you want to view using your home media device – on your computer as well as your TV!

Adding add-ons to your favorite videos or music is easy. Just find an add-on repository and then choose from a list of supported formats and features. Once your add-on has been chosen, you can install it by copying the file to your computer’s hard drive. Or if you prefer, download it directly from the add-on manager’s website. The add-on manager will take you through the process step-by-step.

And because many add-ons are supported by a large number of developers, it’s easy to track all of the available content. And thanks to the convenient web interface, it’s easy to update content or check for new add-ons. That’s right – it’s as easy to use as launching your browser! It’s a must have for any video or music addict on your side.

If your friends haven’t already guessed, adding music to your video is easier than ever! Most add-on managers allow you to stream movies and videos from their own proprietary repository, or from popular sites like Hulu, YouTube and Vimeo. This makes it easy to access TV shows, music videos, trailers, TV shows, trailers and even clips from live shows from all over the world.

The add-on manager will show you a list of movies or TV shows and let you select your favorite. Then all you need to do is click on “add to home”, and your chosen media will be added to your home screen! It’s that simple!

Another huge bonus is that the manager will also provide you with recommendations based on what you’re using. That means if you really want to know how to add-on your music library, you won’t have to search for the exact add-on again. The system will suggest similar add-ons that would probably be useful. With all these features and no hidden fees, this is a must-have add-on.

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