Which Composer Famously Began to Write Music before the Age of Five

Which Composer Famously Began to Write Music before the Age of Five?

Which composer famously began to write music before the age of five? This is a question that may come to mind to any child who is beginning to think about what they want to do with their life. This is a question that many young children ask, and it is not always easy to give an answer. There are a few different composers whose work we may well have in common, and I will try to determine which one most closely resembles the way that my mind works.


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Giuseppe Verdi is the composer most commonly associated with this question. His name is synonymous with classic Italian genre, and you might well think that his output was classic at the time. And it has been. He wrote some of the greatest operas and choral pieces ever, and many people give his work an unfair reputation for being over melodic.

However Verdi’s style is far from clear. Many of his themes are uncertain and difficult to define, which is not a problem if you are only working in a field that doesn’t require the composer to provide a large amount of vocals. For instance the “La Traviata” which begins, and finishes, in a strange and unsettling manner, using very little music. But is it truly mysterious or simply extraordinary?

Bach is another famous composer whose name seems to be as recognizable as Mozart. And again, who can really say what is great about his music? While some people will tell you that the beauty of a piece is paramount, others will point out that the structure of the piece, the sense of drama and movement, is what really seals the deal. And as with many famous composers of the past, Bach was able to create a wide variety of works that are still popular today.

There are other examples of these same composers who begin their careers quite unheralded. And although some contemporary composers such as Julian Bream and Joseph Pilates didn’t have the commercial success that they longed for, their works are still widely admired. Indeed, for some people, these “masters of the modern era” are even more famous than Beethoven or Mozart. So what makes these composers different from their predecessors?

One thing that all of the composers discussed above have in common is that they all began their careers at age five, as children. This means that they were able to fully develop and utilize their natural gifts, and that their early works bore little similarity to what they would achieve later in their career. And while some of these children became famous around the age of ten or so, many were discovered to be talented artists while still young. Therefore, it can be seen that many of these child prodigies were able to fully enjoy and profit from their music long after five.

Furthermore, all of the aforementioned composers wrote music that is considered to be classic, and which have been loved and continue to be loved by millions and billions of people. Compare this to the lesser-known composers of yesteryear. Many lesser known composers that might be considered “relevant” today probably would not have even been considered famous had it not been for the fact that they wrote music that has been well received. Compare that to the famous composers of yesteryear, who most likely would never have even been considered for a composition if it weren’t for their early works.

The fact remains that many people are incredibly passionate about music. Whether they are professionals, die hard fans, or diehard lovers of the musician, music is enjoyed in all walks of life. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely that a question such as “What was the first composer to write music before the age of five?” is even needed. No matter what anyone thinks, all of the composers listed above are truly and incredibly famous and beloved.

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