Which of the following is a characteristic of pop music

Which of the following is a characteristic of pop music?

Which of the following is a characteristic of pop music? Is it smooth jazz, with its smooth vocals and guitar melodies? Afro-Cuban jazz, with its free-flowing rhythms? Which of the many styles of rock does George Strait deliver with the raw power and energy of a bull in muscling? These are questions you may ask yourself when thinking about which of the following is a characteristic of pop music.


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Smooth jazz music has a smooth female vocals accompanied by a smooth male accompaniment that is very minimalistic. It generally has a beat that goes on. A characteristic of pop music made popular by Ella Fitzgerald is this type of music. George Strait is one of the greats of this particular style of music.

Afro-Cuban is also known as Cajun. The vocals are thick and have a lisp. It is also popular with big band music. One distinguishing trait of this style is a repetitive beat. The music has a rhythmic quality and is very rhythmic.

Hip hop is a sound where one or two distinct beats are used. This beat is then repeated throughout the song. It is used on its own, or is used with another beat from another instrument. A characteristic of pop music made popular by artists such as 50 cents, this style is one of the fastest growing trends.

Rap is a short form of dance music. One beat will be repeatedly repeated throughout the song. A great example would be the beats from the bars and songs from the song “Upside Down” by The Black Eyed Peas. The phrase that “All the rage” is repeated constantly is a good example of how a rap beat can become very familiar to us.

Jazz is a unique sound, where a series of notes played at one time are mixed together. We commonly think of Jazz as a form of music that is made popular by big bands such as The Yardbirds or The Rolling Stones. However, it is also produced by many groups such as the jazz fusion band The Blue Mages. A characteristic of pop music made popular by artists such as Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder, this style is also known as “ragtime.” In modern times, this form is still sometimes used in weddings and other special occasions.

No one of these three styles should be seen as “perfect,” though they each have their own particular qualities that make them uniquely different. Jazz can be difficult to play because of its complex rhythmic structure. Pop songs often incorporate fast beats (which are often improvised) and call for a minimum of skills in order to play. A characteristic of the third style, ragtime, is one of those minimum skills, and the beat itself is often very simple.

Which of the above is a characteristic of pop music? Pop music is hard to categorize, although there are some broad guidelines that may help. Most songs follow the basic beat pattern of a band, though the exact rhythm changes and shifts are individualized. There is little point trying to decipher which is a characteristic of pop music because it is just going to be a matter of preference. Different people will come up with different answers to this question because each of us has our own personal preferences.

The most obvious characteristic of pop songs is the general beat. These songs generally start out slowly and build up dramatically until the end. The beat is central to the song and the listener’s experience is heavily impacted by it. People who listen to slow songs more than fast ones are likely to have slower beats, which are more relaxing. Listeners who prefer a fast pace are more likely to hear fast beats as irritating.

Another characteristic of pop music is the use of repeated words or phrases (such as a title) in the song. Even if the songs do not have anything to do with each other, listeners will associate the repeated words or phrases with the specific artist or band. This makes it easier for the listener to connect to the words or phrases because they have already developed some connection through the song. However, even if the listener doesn’t connect to the phrase right away, they usually come around as the song progresses. This makes it easier for listeners to recall the lyrics or song title because they have heard it before.

The last characteristic of pop music is the overuse of synthesizers or computer effects. People often think that an overused beat will be catchy, but that isn’t necessarily true. Many songs that incorporate keyboards or other computer effects get dismissed quickly because the listener can’t figure out where the beat is coming from.

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