Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

“Where words fail, music speaks”. That’s a famous Hans Christian Andersen quote and it has a lot of truth in it. Music, like words, is in the heart of the human experience and words have the power to connect wholeheartedly with someone. There is a great quote by Debra Tauren, “A song is made when the heart speaks.”


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A song is made when the heart speaks – that’s what it means! What a wonderful metaphor that is. You get caught up in the middle of an emotional high – a great moment when the energy is flowing high – like a river swelling over a hill. Suddenly, you realize that you have lost control and you don’t know how to get back down again. It’s a scary place so you stay calm and do nothing.

This is where the danger of not understanding the power of words comes in. You keep telling yourself to stay calm, to breathe slowly and to just let everything go. But deep down you know that you have to regain control. You feel like you’re losing your mind or like you’re going crazy. Your words have just failed you – they can’t seem to connect.

The fear of failure hangs over you like a dark cloud. How can you regain your composure? Well, the key lies in understanding the nature of music and emotion. In music, notes are made into rhythms that repeat themselves, like a song. Each node connects to another note, like a series of stairs. Just like we feel words, a melody connects to a next level of emotion.

So, the key to feeling words comes from being able to listen to music that connects to our emotions in a way that words just can’t. Take a look at any of Michael Jackson’s album and you’ll hear the words to some of his biggest hits. They’re all about how he feels. His words aren’t just simple expressions – they’re about how he feels at the time.

This is the power of music to you. Now, this doesn’t always work for everyone, but if you’re looking for a new outlet for where words fail, this is the place to go. Listen to your favorite artists and see what inspires them. Notice how many times an artist uses words, just like you’re using now. Notice how many times they use emotions… like you’re feeling something that you haven’t felt in a long while.

Don’t fall into the same trap as so many other people. Don’t fall victim to the music that you’re listening to, whether it’s popular or not. Don’t think that because it’s a popular song, it’s actually good – you should feel a certain way about it. Music speaks to us in our hearts, so we should make sure that we’re following it and believing in what it’s trying to convey to us – even if that means changing a few of the words in it.

If you’re still struggling with how to move forward, then you should start by simply changing the words that you’re using when you’re speaking to yourself. Don’t worry about learning another vocabulary. All you have to do is start replacing words like “you” with “I”, “us” with “we”, and so on. You’ll find that this will help you communicate to others in a very unique way. After a few tries, you’re going to feel more confident in what you’re saying and it won’t fail.

Another area where words fail is when they fail to express themselves clearly. They might sound like complete nonsense when you say them, but the truth is that if you don’t understand what they’re actually trying to communicate, then you’re not going to understand why they say what they do. Even if you’ve never heard someone use a word that sounds like the beginning or end of another, you have probably used them at one point or another without even realizing it. If you can push past that and just focus on understanding the message, you’ll be much better off.

Another place where words fail is when they are too simple or basic. If you can’t get past this problem, then the music that you’re listening to is likely not going to speak well for you either. Simple and basic statements are easier for our brains to grasp. If you can get that type of language out of the lyrics then you should be happy with the music you’re hearing.

Finally, some music speaks best when it’s not being forced into a situation. If a song isn’t working in a new situation, then it probably won’t work at a new place either. If you have an idea that sounds great in a small environment, but it doesn’t work so well when put into a big cathedral or huge hall, then you need to move on and find something else. Just remember that if your favorite band can’t play in a 5-minute drive-time slot, then it’s probably not going to be their best work. Find songs that you like, that you connect to on an emotional level, and that you can sing along to because you feel a connection to the music.

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