How to Play Music From Phone Through Home Stereo

How to Play Music From Phone Through Home Stereo?

How to play music from phone through home stereo? A question I get asked a lot from people who haven’t tried it yet. After a few failed attempts, the last thing I want to hear is “I need to find a way to play music from phone through my home stereo.” Trust me, I have tried it and WOW it was really frustrating!


First off, if your home stereo has a built in audio processor chip, it will be able to play most any digital music you throw at it. The good news is though, that now you have several quality options to wirelessly play music from phone through your existing home stereo system, regardless of how old it is. With most any solution, you’ll be using a tiny little device which is getting audio over a wireless internet protocol. It will plug into your home stereo line input & play.

How to Play Music From Phone Through Home Stereo

For those who are still on a budget, streaming from the phone is the next best thing. There are many solutions out there, but the easiest way is probably with a smartphone. Most modern smartphones come equipped with default music players, which stream from the built in speaker buttons on the device. This is great for people like me, who want to play music from their phone without having to mess around with bulky speakers.

The downside to this approach is that it’s not always wirelessly compatible with larger speaker systems. If your home stereo system is large, then you could end up with a lot of extra wires going to your receiver. On the flip side, since these receivers have slim screens and very small ports, it’s usually easy to hide them. And if your phone has a USB port, then it will be easy to charge the receiver as well – a great bonus if you tend to leave home with a phone plugged into a smaller device all the time.

Another option for streaming audio is through a USB connection like that used with your smartphone. A typical stereo will need a standard 2.5 mm headphone jack, while newer smartphone models may include a micro-USB adapter. Connecting headphones via this adapter will allow you to stream audio from your phone directly to your stereo system.

Another option is to use a Bluetooth receiver. Most modern smartphones come equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, and devices that have a Bluetooth feature (like RCA-type cable) can also serve as a bridge to connect your mobile device to your stereo. This option is relatively straightforward, and the only requirement is that the Bluetooth receiver is within roughly proximity of the stereo. Once connected, the device will play any incoming audio through the stereo without the need of an external connection. This option isn’t ideal if your stereo has no headphone port or isn’t designed to play audio from portable devices.

One final option for playing music on your Iphone through your home stereo is through the use of Airplay. The majority of Airplay speakers are designed specifically for the iPhone, and the quality of the sound produced is typically at par with what you’d expect from an on-off Bluetooth device. However, some Airplay speakers are designed for use with the older iPod, as well as for use with the older iPhone – so you may want to make sure you get an Airplay that’s right for you. The great thing about Airplay speakers is that they’re priced very reasonably, and you can enjoy the low cost of a high-quality speaker system without sacrificing sound quality. Airplay speakers are also very reasonably priced when compared to traditional speaker systems, and the price difference between an Airplay system and what you’d expect to pay for a similar set of speaker systems is minimal.

A final option for learning how to play music from phone through home stereo is to use a RCA-type cable to connect your iPhone directly to your home stereo system. The advantage of this option is twofold. First, if you have a home stereo system with an optical output, you can easily connect your iPhone to the RCA input on your home stereo system and get rid of the need for an additional Bluetooth receiver. Second, since an RCA cable is not always reliable and may even damage your home stereo system if too much pressure is applied to the connection, this is a great way to ensure you always have a clear, audio connection between your iPhone and your home stereo system. RCA cables are also great if you don’t want to spend extra money on speakers as Apple has provided a number of options in this area.

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